Emergency Preparedness

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If an emergency situation such as a flood, earthquake or other natural disaster occurred today, how prepared are you and your family? What about an extended power outage? 

Click the links to review important information regarding what you can do in case of an emergency in our community.

The Borrego Valley Emergency Preparedness Group

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Family Disaster Plan and Personal Survival Guide Checklist

Alert to Parents

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All students entering 7th through 12th grades must have proof of a Tdap booster shot before starting school.

All students entering, advancing or transferring into 7th grade will need proof of an adolescent whooping cough booster immunization (called "Tdap") to enter school unless they have a documented exemption. This includes current students, new students and transfer students. Many students have already received the vaccine and simply need to supply proof to the school. Check with your doctors or health care provider.


This requirement can be met by receiving one dose of Tdap vaccine on or after the 10th birthday.

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